House Rules


                                      HOUSE RULES
                       Holiday apartment „ Zoubek´s farm"

- Prohibition of smoking and open flames manipulating throughout 
the house

- Prohibition of entry into the building by non-accommodated persons.

- Entry to the rooms and kitchens only in slippers

- Prohibition on the use of heaters, kettles etc. in 
the rooms

- Domestic pet accommodation is prohibited except for dogs whose residence has to be arranged in advance for a fee. For the kitchen and dining room, dogs are not allowed.

- Silent hours are from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 pm

- We ask visitors for not manipulating the remote heating and to regulate the temperature of the thermostat for each radiator.

- At the end of their stay, visitors are required to wash and clean
utensils used.

- During the stay, every other day bringing out trashes, clearing and changing the bed line is 1x a week.

- Visitor´s signature confirms that visitor have read the house rules, agree with it and acknowledge that breaking the  house rules is a reason for immediate termination of the stay by the landlord without the right to a refund.